Customer Support

Do you have a webhosting company or other e-business? Are the constant calls for support continuing to burden you? Don't you have the time, effort or staff to give your customers professional, quality, 24/7 support? DedicatedSupport have a solution.

We offer support to your clients, on behalf of You! As far as the client knows, it is you that is giving the support. Best of all, we are available 24 hours a day, and offer a response time guarantee.

What is involved?

On signup, we will contact you and arrange the setup of your service. We operate a 'ticket' system. The customer submits their problem into a form/email, and it is placed into our system. The system automatically alerts a technician to the ticket, and the technician is able to respond. This whole process is transparent to the customer, as they will not know you are receiving your support from us.

So how does this work?

We operate on "Per Ticket" or "Per Domain" rates. All our rates include a 1 hour response time guarantee. If this guarantee is not met that ticket will not count towards your bill. Please note that this 1 hour response time is simply a guarantee, our actual response times are much less than that.

Per Ticket Rates

Tickets are purchased on a monthly basis. A ticket is defined as containing a response from a our staff member. While a ticket with one response from our team is counted as one complete ticket, a ticket with 20 responses from our team is also counted as one complete ticket. So you always pay the same for each ticket no matter how many responses we have made or how long it took to resolve the issue.

Monthly Ticket Monthly Price Price Per Ticket
100 Tickets $125.00 per month $1.25 per Ticket
250 Tickets $250.00 per month $1.00 per Ticket
500 Tickets $375.00 per month $0.75 per Ticket