Server Hardening

Server security is an ever changing battle field. New vulnerabilities are found every day, and hackers continually create new attack tactics to exploit them. Dedicated Support implements comprehensive multi-layered security that includes firewalls, services hardening, network hardening, etc. that blocks all exploit attempts on the server. Periodic top-down security audits are done to measure the effectiveness of defenses, and new security systems are implemented as needed to mitigate any new threat

Dedicated Support provides Linux, FreeBSD and Windows Server Security at affordabe price.

Dedicated Server Setup

Our Server Hardening Service Includes

  • Thorough Security audit.
  • Host.conf Hardening
  • Disable unused and insecure Services.
  • Limit compiler and fetch utilities access to root only.
  • Secure shared directories such as /tmp to prevent hackers using remote exploits.
  • RkHunter or CheckRootKit Installation. Daily automated root kit scaning and reporting.
  • Installation and configuration of Firewall (KissFirewall/Bastille Firewall/APF)
  • Log auditing for unusual activity
  • Securing PHP
  • Apache / MySQL tweaking for maximum performance
  • SSH server hardening
  • Kernel tuning with sysctl
  • System Integrity Monitor Installation
  • Process Resource Monitor Installation
  • SNORT (Network Intrusion Detection System)
  • TRIPWIRE (keeps track of every file being moved/edited in the system)
  • SSL certificate installation
  • Smartd (HDD Reliability monitor)
  • DDOS and SYN flood protection setup
  • SPRI (System priority) installation
  • Kernel Upgrade with up2date/yum
  • Brute Force Detection and banning
  • Upgrad installed system software
  • Proc Security Hardening
  • Secure Control Panel settings

Server security service: $50.00