Dedicated Server Setup

Most Dedicated Server providers setup server with basic software.You will not able to use the server with this basic software. You need to install software required to run your application, like web server, mail server, DNS server, Control Panel, etc...

Our team of qualified Server Engineers are experienced in all facets of Server Administration. We install, configure and maintain servers, ensuring optimal functionality and security for your business.

Dedicated Server Setup
Linux and FreeBSD server setup

We provide Linux and FreeBSD server setup.Web servers, database servers, and e-mail servers: we will handle it all. You will soon find that you have the freedom to focus on other tasks, knowing that the team at Dedicated Support is handling it all.Our services include

  • System Software upgrade.
  • Security audit - make sure system to secure.
  • Disable unwanted services and programs.
  • Secure compilers.
  • Install Apache Web Server.
  • Install MySQL Database.
  • Install PHP with common modules.
  • Install Perl 5.
  • Logwatch configuration.
  • Host.conf, sysctl hardening
  • RkHunter Installation.
  • SPRI (System priority) Installation
  • Firewall Installation and configuration
  • Kernel Upgrade
  • Secure SSH Connection
  • Upgrades to Pre-Installed Software
  • Control Panel Installation